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Betting 101: How to bet without losing

Sports betting can be entertaining and even exhilarating, but most people do it with the intention of winning money. Whether you are a recreational or professional bettor, learning how to bet without losing is key. However, it is estimated that just 3-5% of players are profitable in the long term.

If you’re sick of losing bets, our betting guide for beginners is here to help. We’ll discuss what to do during a losing streak and provide tips on how to turn missed wagers into wins.

Sick of losing bets?

There is no foolproof method to winning bets, and even the best-educated guesses can go wrong. Many people don’t do their research or let emotions cloud their judgement before placing a bet, which often leads to losses.

Also, betting on sports you know nothing about and following terrible tipsters are other reasons behind losing money. So, if you’re knowledgeable about horse racing, stick to that. And don’t let the odds fool you into straying—it’s not worth it. Lastly, a bankroll management calculator for betters is extremely useful and beneficial.

Football Bets and how to not lose when placing them

Football is the most popular sport among bettors. There are many leagues, competitions and cups to choose from when placing a wager. Many people do their best to master how to never lose a football bet but there is no fool-proof method. However, by following our tips below you can increase your chances of winning.

Choosing Live Betting

With live markets, the odds are in a constant state of flux. If you have extensive knowledge about certain teams and competitions, you might be able to detect opportunities on the best live streaming betting sites. You would be able to follow the action more closely and make smarter decisions. For example, if one team has had 75% possession and four shots within the last 10 minutes, they’re likely to score again soon–making them worth backing.

Don’t back (only) your team

When gambling, it is best to use logic over emotion. This can be difficult with football because it is easy to let the registered colors cloud your judgement. To make an informed decision that has a higher likelihood of being correct, look at things such as recent game results, head-to-head records and goals scored/conceded by each team. If you cannot manage this rule for betting on your favorite team, then simply do not bet on them at all.

Find the strongest leagues

Maintaining a tally of your successes and defeats will certainly help you improve. Examine which sports and leagues have been the most lucrative for you to bet on. Additionally, think about whether you do better with pre-match or live bets. If football has been giving you trouble, look at your past betting history (which many online bookies make readily available). For example, maybe you regularly come out ahead when betting on “BTTS” before the match starts but lose 1×2 bets that are made in-play.

Don’t get upset with a losing streak

If you’re feeling down after a loss, don’t worry – it happens to everyone. But if you want to turn things around, here are some great suggestions:

Stop for a little while

It can be tempting to try and recoup your losses by placing another bet, but it’s usually better to take a break. The length of the break will differ from person to person – some might need a day or two, while others might need more than a week. Either way, it’s important to take some time off so you can refresh your brain before trying again. Put past losses behind you and stick to the strategies that you know work best.

Gambling more isn’t the answer

Never try to recoup your losses by gambling more–you will only end up further in the negatives. Many people place higher bets than they normally would in an attempt to make back what they’ve lost, but this chase rarely has a happy ending. Before things get out of hand, set a daily deposit limit with your bookie so you don’t go broke.

Learn from past mistakes

One way to become a more successful bettor is to take responsibility for your losses. By examining your role in an unsuccessful wager, you can learn from past mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

Analyse and make better choices in the future

Unsuccessful bets can teach us a lot. By analysing what went wrong, we can understand how to place better bets in the future. It could be that you wagered on a sport you do not follow closely or placed an in-play bet with just 10 minutes left in a match. Having discovered what you could have done better, you will be in an excellent position to avoid similar mistakes.

Do your research & keep track of things

Before placing any bet, be sure to do your research. The amount and quality of information available will differ depending on the sport. For example, football fans can look into injuries/suspensions, motivation for victory and league position. As for horse racing enthusiasts, check past results at the track, trainers and jockeys, age and weight. If you make sure you’re as prepared as possible, you won’t have any regrets whether you win or lose. Many people often ask why it’s important to have a betting tips archive. The answer is simple: by collecting this type of information, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Rethink your approach

It might be time to rethink things if you find that you’re losing more bets than usual. Examine which areas need improvement, like the sport, markets, bet type or stake. You don’t have to start from scratch necessarily. But it should be clear when it’s time for a change in order to start winning against the bookies again.

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