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A Guide to Betting on Corner Kicks

Are you under the impression that the total number of corner kicks in a football match is mainly determined by chance? If so, it may be time to reconsider your perspective and explore the science of betting on corners. Many punters are now utilizing statistical analysis to identify patterns and determine which teams are likely to receive a significant number of corner kicks during a match, leading to profitable results.

Live betting odds are rapidly changing, with algorithms factoring in current corner kicks and remaining time. As a result, punters may be able to take advantage of advantageous circumstances. Bookmakers often overlook key details due to their limited experience with corner kicks, and most punters don’t give much thought before placing a bet. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage this evolving science of corner bets for financial gain.

Explanation of Corner Betting Markets

There is a wide variety of corner betting markets available at almost every bookmaker. Although the initial bet of the total number of corners in the match is the most common, it is not as popular as it used to be. In this regard, it is worth exploring other betting markets and learning how to place bets on corners.

Explaining 3-way total corners

A frequently overlooked option in total corners betting is the 3-way corners. It offers three choices: “under” a particular number, “over” a specific number, and “exact” for a specific number. Usually, the “exact” option is available at significantly higher odds than the other two choices.

Explanation of Corners in the First 10 Minutes

There isn’t much to elaborate on this topic. However, there are some other options available, including the last 10 minutes of a game and, less commonly, the first 10 minutes of the second half.

What “Over 10,5 corners” mean

Football fans routinely look to the “10,5” range in top international leagues when handicapping total corners for a match. This range can vary depending on both league and time remaining within a live bet; however, you may regularly see numbers like “over 7,5” or even “over 12,5” offered as betting options.

The two-way corners market has become increasingly popular over the three-ways due to its simple “over” and “under” options. Its success is unrivaled by those offering exact bets, which often causes it to be referred to as “2-way corners”.

Betting on Asian total corners

Asian Handicap (also known as “skipping” or offering a refund if the match ends in a draw) is available for corner betting too. For instance, an example of corners AH would be the market that reads “over 10,5 corners”. Another variant could be something like ‘over/under 5 corners’ with the number five being interchangeable.

Did you spot the integer instead of a decimal number? If so, that’s not coincidental – it has meaning! When the number of corners is equivalent to the range value, then your bet will be voided and you’ll receive a refund.

Half with most corners

There is nothing complicated to decipher here! Simply guess which half of the field has more corners and you will be placed in a popular pre-match betting market. Easy as that!

Race to 3 corners explained

Lately, the “corner betting” market has been booming – and it’s no surprise why. All you have to do is select a team and wager on them reaching an odd number of corners (3, 5 or 7) before their opponents. It’s fast, easy and could make you some extra cash!

Alternative corners

For riskier bettors, the “basic” range of corners is supplemented with an extra market. Let’s say pre-match 2-way corner range falls between over/under 8.5; you will be offered additional odds at both over/under 9.5 and 7.5 in the “alternative corner” market for more gain potential or safer winning chances respectively!

Multi-corner bet explained

If you’re looking for a fresh gambling market, this multi-corner bet is the one. Here’s how it works: take the number of corners from each half and multiply them together – that will be your final score which can then be wagered over or under an assigned decimal (the most common pre-game being 27.5). It really is simple to understand yet incredibly thrilling!

Meaning of Corner handicap

In cases where a significant disparity in corner kicks between two sides is anticipated, bookmakers often offer the “corner handicap” market to even up the odds. This system assigns a weaker team an advantage (1, 2 or 3 corners), and you have to determine whether the stronger side will overcome this edge with their superior corner kick numbers or if the lesser squad can protect it.

Corner Range

Betting on corner kicks can be a great way to capitalize on your favorite team’s performance. Depending upon the teams and league, you may find odds offered for 0-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 or 13+ corners during the entire match. With this type of bet, there is something for every fan!

First/Last Match Corner

Test your luck and knowledge by predicting which team will earn the first or last corner in a match. Live betting has never been more thrilling, especially when one of the teams is trying to score with little time left on the clock! It may be a bit precarious but it’s an exciting opportunity for gamblers who have their wits about them.

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